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This project is for the support of the 3D chess community. There are many out there who find regular chess too dimensional and it just leaves us flat. We prefer the 3D environment. The idea here is develop something similar to the US Chess Federation for people who prefer the challenge of the 3D environment.

If you know a variant or have created special rules, please create a page to express them. If your variant is commercial, please gain permission from the producer before posting it.

The most popular varients will be listed on the front page, and with any known copyright holders permission, it will link to an approprate page that will explain the game, and provide a picture of it, and, G-d willing, a place to acquire it.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a tournament or organizing a ratings system should contact us. Also, anyone who has create a solid method of recoding moves is welcome to create a page explaining the methodology.

If there is a link to your site here and the link changes please let us know on locked pages, or update yourself on unlocked pages.